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Hands & Feet

Bio Sculpture & Premier Gel

We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Salon and be satisfied with the service we received. Our Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technician Suzanne is 100% dedicated to providing quality nails Bio Sculpture Gel Nails with a perfect finish and also committed to your nail health using bespoke prescription products to repair, revitalise and add to you nail health and strength. See our gallery for examples of work. 
We also have a range of high quality Premier Gel colours for a no fuss quality service and finish.


Elim Medical Grade
ofessional Pedicure

A professional pedicure system offering highly professional quality products of medical grade standards to ensure your feet are getting the best care around


Out goes the usual...

⛔️Filing and Blading

⛔️Sugar Scrubs

⛔️Soap Cleansers

⛔️Hard Clay

⛔️Oily Foot Creams


And in comes the...

✅Alkaline Chemical Heel Peels

✅AHA Foot and leg Exfoliants

✅Anti-bacterial Soaks

✅Detox Mud Foot Masks

✅Non-Slip Heel Balm



Bio Sculpture Overlays


Bespoke prescription nail service to bring weak or damaged nails back to health.  Finished with Bio-Sculpture Overlay Gel to give your nails a coat of armour. Last up to three weeks chip free. Glitter, French  and nail art optional extra


Premier Gel Overlays

Add French Finish £9

Quality Industry leading gel overlay polish.  Premier Gel is strong and durable for the hardest working nails. High gloss and Chip free for up to 3 weeks

Gel Removal Manicure

Please note: We DO NOT do any Acrylic removal 

If you wish for a gel colour to be soaked off and re-applied, please select 'Premier Gel - With Soak off" option on the booking app.

Protect the health of your nails - Let the experts remove the overlays cleanly, effortlessly and  safely. While caring about the ongoing health of your nails

This Service includes
💅🏻Soak off of gel nails in the removal solution, 
💅🏻Gently lift the gel from your nails.
💅🏻Tidy, file and shape the natural nail
💅🏻Buff the nail plate to a high, healthy shine
💅🏻Nourish and hydrate them with professional oils… for perfect healthy  natural nails


Add On Services

The following will need a little extra time during your appointment, so we can give you the best care and not rush your service, add any of the following on ahead of time. A small fee will be added to your bill for these additional services / upgrades. 


  • BIAB Gel (Builder In A Bottle) - Give weaker nails extra strength to encourage growth 

  • French Finish / Stamping Design - Free accent nail (one nail per hand) stamp design. For more complex / time consuming designs please book this as an additional service.  

  • Soak Off - Removal of existing gel overlays should be removed professionally to prevent damage to your natural nails.  (Please note, we DO NOT remove acrylic nails  

  • Silk Repair -Have a damaged or split nail you need to save? We can rescue this, on most occasions 


You will find an assortment of different foot treatments to suit all. From a simple file shape polish mini, to your essential pedicure with luxurious foot and leg massage. Your feet will feel light and lifted and looking fabulous. Check out all services below.

Elim Professional Pedicure
With Gel Colour Finish

1 hour

Your Elim MediHeel Pedicure includes all the above mentioned 


File shape and cuticle work on the toes, foot and leg massage, choice of over 100 gel colour polishes, all finished off with a luxury Gold spritz to really make your skin and feet look and feel they have been pampered like NEVER before!

Premier Gel Toes

30 minutes

Let the professionals do the work! We know getting a great paint  finish can be tricky, right? With Premier Gel the high shine result and elimination of drying time means you are hopping out the salon in a jiffy.. even in winter you can pop your shoes straight on! Includes cuticle work, file and shape.


50 minutes

Reflexology can help reduce stress and pain relief through the entire body by opening up blockages in the meridians or energy channels. Reflexology increases the flow of energy, increases the circulation and stimulates the digestive system.

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