• Kelly Simpson

It's OK not to be ok xx

I've got to admit, this week has been hard. How are you doing lovely?

I feel like I checked out. I've had NO MOTIVATION at all this week. I've mostly sat staring at the wall or watching nonsense on TV this week.

A few things I've learnt / reaffirmed this week.

  1. It's ok not to be ok.

  2. It's ok to have a break from life for a moment.

  3. It's ok to ask to ask for support.

  4. It's ok to not be super woman.

  5. You can only do your best with what you have.

  6. Health is the number one priority. Mine and my family's mental and physical health. People can take away your money, your job, your business, your things. Yes that is totally shit. But if you have your health, you're physically and mentally fit, then you can always work towards getting those things again.

I know 100% that lots of clients use their appointment time not only to get their treatments done, but use it as a time to step off the wheel for a while, recharge, re-set the clock, off-load the stresses to a listening ear, its not just about pretty lashes and nails. There are lots of other ways to do that too, go to the pub, go for a meal, go to the gym. All gone. The warm friendly uplifting virtual hug you feel when you come to salon, gone. Believe me, we love and miss that as much as you do!

This morning a had a good chat with my Salon Owners Support Group. I've never actually met these women in person. We've been on a whatsapp group for a while and message about HR, finance, all salon stuff really. But today we arranged a zoom. It was so good to put faces and voices to names and actually just chat. Just to reach out and speak to others in the same situation was great. Some were in a positive mind set this week and it was so good to feed off their vibe and was really up lifting. It has given me a new energy to set some goals for the next few days just to get back into the groove again.

I guess I'm trying to say REACH OUT. Put yourself out there. Step out of your comfort zone. You'll be surprised where you will find support you might not know you have. You really are NOT alone. If you do feel alone. Or need to off load. Or someone to listen to you. Or worried about your beauty business. I am happy to be someones support buddy while in lock down. Reply to this mail and we can arrange that.

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